PFW: Galliano’s Cross-Pollination of Eclectic Futurism & Technology

Two years since designer, John Galliano, made his Maison Margiela debut, he continues to bewilder the fashion tribe with his out of the box way of thinking.

This season, the prodigal son of fashion has been welcomed back by some of fashion’s glossy press. Hypnotized by the notorious Galliano’s unique creativity, they unashamedly salivated at the thought provoking Maison Margiela collection that hit the runway in Paris this week.


Taking a closer look at the collection itself, it is quite clear that boundary-pushing Maison Margiela gave Galliano carte blanche to run wild. The candy coloured collection was complimented with felt helmets over slicked hair, bewildering silver eyebrows and out of this world lips and glittery skin.  With function not necessarily at the top of the creative director’s mind, it was clear to see that neoprene and metallic leathers transformed the models not ‘decorated’ them. They adorned a collection made up of sporty mesh fabrics, toggled elastic and voluminous smocks- our favorite piece being the deconstructed trench coat. On the collection, Martin Margiela show notes stated, “The mission of Maison Margiela is to reject convention, and our evolving proposition stimulates nostalgia and innovation in equal parts. We believe that familiarity must be unsettled and spontaneous, with an intrinsic strangeness.”


On that note, we can all agree that Maison Margiela SS17 was fresh, distinct and executed in a manner that is so Galliano. It was a kaleidoscopic collection that breathed both eclectic futurism and modern technology. The technology was not as we would expect it. There was no coat that connects to the internet or a dress that can read the code, it was simply an uninhibited nod to the merge of fashion and technology. That being said, some might find it slightly mocking, but I found it to be a refreshing truth of how fashion envisions it’s cousin fashion technology to resemble. You know what I mean. The silver space age intergalactic Judy Jetson type look that was rocked by many fashion trendsetters at the MET gala earlier this year. The difference is that Galliano eccentricity seems purposefully done. The science googles, the headsets, the radio antenna, this was a man inspired by the technology of yesteryear. That being said, this is certainly a collection susceptible to being interpreted differently by many. Other’s, like I, saw a stream of technology and futurism running through the collection, and then there were others, like Elle magazine, who simply saw athleisure.  It is because of this that I can only conclude that Maison Margiela’s cutting-edge avant-garde ready-to-wear is a collection that we simply have to decode ourselves.

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