The Apple Watch Series 2 Ejecting Water in Slow Motion (Video)

Whenever Apple comes with new enhancements of their existing products, they better come with something good. Sometimes these enhancements show an exceptional level of thinking outside the box. For us, this is definitely the case with the new Apple Watch Series 2. Not really a second generation of their first real wearable tech device, but it sure came with interesting improvements. Probably the most interesting one is, that the watch is now ‘swimproof’.

During the keynote, Apple announced that the way that they designed this, was by making the sound waves eject water from the speaker enclosure. Which you can see in the video below. Earlier, an iFixit tear down, showed us that they stumbled upon extra gaskets and o-rings. Plus, the device used a much stronger adhesive.

Before the announcements of the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple watch sales were experiencing a hiccup, but new figures have already shown that the watch is still leading the smartwatch market.

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SOURCEVideo Credits: Nathan Smart