Nimb, A Wearable Determined To Make The World Safer

The idea of adorning a fashionable wearable that is a trusted companion with the ability to look after your personal safety sounds grand. So when we were introduced to Nimb, we wanted to know more.

884f5ade39eae4da67266cd653dc4ceb_originalNimb is a stylish ring with a concealed button that can send an alert message with your location to your friends and family and emergency services. Designed for both men and women, the ring works by pressing the button and holding it for three seconds. By doing this your ring will automatically send a message with your profile info and your location to those you have in your safety circles. Although it doesn’t contact the emergency services Nimb will track your location in real-time and the response team will always know exactly where you are.

Nimb Founders, Leo Bereschansky, Nick Marshansky, Alex Medvedev, Kathy Roma and Dmitry Gordi
Nimb Founders, Leo Bereschansky, Nick Marshansky, Alex Medvedev, Kathy Roma and Dmitry Gordi

The key feature when it comes to Nimb is its reliability. It’s safety performance is down to the stability of the ring’s Bluetooth signal, application responses, applied pressure of different force and duration to the button. Working with engineers, they concentrated on the ring’s usability by ensuring that the selected components for their consumer friendly wearable were of high quality. Another important aspect was that they made sure that the button was located in a place that made it easy to press in an emergency situation.


Working with the Nimb mobile app, the ring gives you the kind of power that allows you to set up your safety circles and create a safer environment for yourself and those around you. Another perk is that Nimb works everywhere in the world where cellular networks function.

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Visually pleasing, Nimb has been kept simple with a polished design that can easily be described as chic, smart casual, luxury glam or ‘health-gothic’. Available in the US, ring sizes 4-12, Nimb was not only made with hypoallergenic materials, but was designed to be comfortable on your finger.

After running Indiegogo campaign that raised a total of $239,943 USD on the 29th July 2016, the startup was successfully funded by 476%, making Nimb the perfect accessory for men, women, children and seniors. Which only leaves one question, what is your preference Stealth Black or the Classic White?