Glow – A Watch Face by Stephanie Carls

We have partnered up with Stephanie Carls again to introduce to you the Android Wear Watch Face “Glow”. Stephanie, an Android Wear enthusiast well known for featuring the latest in tech on her YouTube channel, My Savvy Life, has a weekly series that focuses on consumer tech trends and how technology can work for you.

This week she talks about Glow, a bold digital watch face created exclusively for Android Wear. Designed by, Stephanie, it allows you to change the colour of your watch face at any time to match your outfit. All you have to do is snap a photo, choose your colours and then create a custom watch face. What we love about it is that Glow lets you tap into your own creativity by designing a personalized look.

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Designed for both round and square Android Wear watches, in the video Stephanie talks about Glow features such as how you can take a photo of your outfit, about how you can select multiple colours from your outfit and how you can create a custom watch face background gradient that matches your outfit.

Stephanie Carls

On Glow, Stephanie, who has landed features in The New York Times, NBC News and Huffington Post, worked with the Hyperflow Studios team, you can learn all about that here. Follow Stephanie on Twitter at @StepheliseCarls | Subscribe to Stephanie’s Savvy Life.

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