ZENTA Wearable Bracelet, Inspired by Humans, Perfected by Science

London start-up VINAYA has designed a biometric wearable to track body and mind.

They teased us with their secret whispers. They told us it was coming and today, on the 1st of June 2016, it has arrived, introducing VINAYA’s latest next generation product, the ZENTA wearable bracelet, inspired by humans, perfected by science.


VINAYA, a Shoreditch based research and design house, has officially launched a biometric bracelet that combines body and mind metrics to tackle modern day stress. With the mission to reset the balance between digital and physical, VINAYA has designed ZENTA using the most advanced patented sensing technology. The bracelet allows you to seamlessly track physiological cues such as heart rate variability, electro dermal activity and blood oxygen levels. This data is then cross-referenced with data collected from your smartphone and your own subjective input, allowing them to approximate your happiness, stress, activity and productivity levels.


Founded by Kate Unsworth in 2013, and then split into two interconnected parts: the Lab and the Studio in November 2015, VINAYA is all about delving deeper into the science of the modern human condition to bring us a product that will give us access to wellness insights about ourselves. Like most wearables, the more you wear ZENTA, the more accurate it will get. This then allows you to structure your life in a way that will increase productivity and happiness, and reduce stress. You can also interact with the wearable in real-time through vibrations and touch.


Minimalistic and sustainable, ZENTA is a stylish and resilient wearable that is available in three different design models:

ZENTA-designs-rendering-with-labels_iqhurj (1)

Each ZENTA accessory features a stone embedded with hidden technology and a band with built-in sensors. The stone is crafted in scratch-proof zirconia ceramics, a material that comes remarkably close to diamond. The wearable is designed to be water resistant, extra durable and comfortable for everyday wear.

With the future in mind, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”null” suffix=””]ZENTA was designed to be a seamless wearable technology that would empower people [/inlinetweet]to elevate their human potential and this is reflected in the bracelet’s features which include, Visual Emotion Sharing, Stress, Happiness and Mood Tracking, Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Interactive Breathing and Mindfulness Exercises. The features that stood out for us were the Contactless Payments, Unique Bio Identification and Menstruation / Fertility Tracking because, as a woman on the go, it offers that little extra for my buck.


Beautifully designed to look like jewellery, ZENTA is not the first tech accessory for VINAYA, they launched their first product range ALTRUIS back in November 2015. It was a jewellery collection that consisted of beautifully­ designed rings, bracelets and necklaces handcrafted in premium materials (zirconia ceramic; platinum silver; gold, rose gold and sterling silver plating; genuine leather) ranging in price from £220 to £275.

ZENTA 2 (1)

As VINAYA continues to design accessories with technology that can easily fade into the background, we are confident that this is a collection that will entice fashion and wow consumers. If you would like to indulge in your very own ZENTA then you can grab it for an early bird price of $119 through their Indiegogo campaign which will end next month. Thereafter, you will be able to purchase it at $249 through their online store.

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