Brooke Roberts: “How do Radiography and Knitwear Design Mix?”

With London Technology Week set to commence tomorrow, we are taking a moment to get to know Hackney based fashion designer Brooke Roberts. As one of the fashion designers showcasing their collaborations with the capital’s digital firms, it is great to see that Roberts has already been making a name for herself by creating knitwear from machines that use brain scans as patterns.

With the fashion showcase set to be launched at The Yard in Shoreditch on Monday 20th June 2016, we have decided to relive award-winning Knitwear designer and Diagnostic Radiographer Brooke Roberts TedTalks. Sometimes, in order to understand where someone is going, you need to look back to where they are coming from. So it is on that note, that we encourage you to watch “How do Radiography and Knitwear Design mix?” and be inspired.

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