Wearable Technology That Turns Your Skin into a Touchpad

Samsung, a company that likes to stay ahead of the trends, has recently filed a patent for a smartwatch that projects a larger screen onto the wearer’s hand. The tech giant is looking to solve the current problem of smartwatch faces being too small and hard to read. Their solution is to project a larger screen on the hand or forearm.

The big idea, which is a sketch at the moment, can be activated by the wearer via the menu on the smartwatch. It will then give image options that will allow them to project whats on the smartwatch screen across their forearm or the back of their hand. The advantage of this will be that the wearer will have, at a click of a button, access to larger space so they can write and interact with their device apps.

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Although Samsung is not promising us this futuristic smartwatch yet, we are, at the moment, satisfied that the innovative sketch acknowledges that smartwatches do have functionality and size constraints. Now we only hope that other tech companies who have launched smartwatches follow suit will also address this frustrating issue and hopefully find a solution. Now the question is which tech big boy will be the first.

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[News Source: The Verge]