Stacked Up Features w/ Backbeat Sense Headphones

Adding the word smart to a wireless headphones product should be something you’d consider very carefully. In the case of the Plantronics Backbeat Sense Smart Wireless headphones the title is safe. The lightweight device is proving that the Santa Cruz, California based electronics company has a great understanding of how important it is to keep things simple.

Now if I told you that it was Neil Armstrong wearing Plantronics headphones when he said those famous words “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” you would be entitled to have high expectations when it comes to demanding innovation.


I have been walking around with the Backbeat Sense for a week now listening to some 90’s east coast hiphop for about 3 to 4 hours a day and I am still being told that the battery life is medium on a two hour charge. Which basically makes it that I have crossed the 18 hour limit that was listed by Plantronics themselves.

The user experience is really where the features are stacking up. You can pair and switch between 2 bluetooth devices like an iPad and iPhone at once, play your music, toggle through your playlist and change your volume with just a tap or turn on the ear cup. With the one of a kind Bluetooth v4.0 streaming experience there is no need to carry your iOS or Android smart phone with you around the house because the range of Class 1 Bluetooth goes up to a 330 feet/100 meters. Imagine you are listening to your favorite music in the garden, Backbeat Sense ensures that you do not miss out on your friend’s call by automatically pausing the music. You can pick up the phone by tapping on your headphones and you can engage in the conversation you normally would have missed. Or what about taking a call when you are watching a TV show? Although there was some distortion taking place during our test, this could have easily have to do with some wifi interference in the house.


Since the device is in the mid-high price range of $179/£130 the quality of the sound was good to very good. To take out some of the bias, I have great love for the low end of the spectrum. The mid-end was surprisingly full of surprises but the highs were lacking some depth. Overall the price vs quality ratio does live up to par.


Nowadays headphones are no longer just there for function. Many are wearing them to make a fashion statement. In the case of the tan/white Backbeat Sense they have managed to make the matte finish plastic headphones look anything but inexpensive. This must have been quite a task since they only weigh 140 grams giving these headphones a very comfortable fit. With the protein leather-covered cushioning the rose-gold accents are nicely spicing up the ear cups. The BackBeat Sense would easily compliment your office vibe without making you loose any street credibility.

If you don’t mind the connection being a bit glitchy every now and then, these headphones are a must have and  are available directly at

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