Time For a Real Smart Lamp, Meet Fluxo

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

When your Twitter handle is @WannaBeEdison and your motto is, “Redefining light”, it should come as no surprise that I had high expectations when I met Robert Kopka, co founder of Luke Roberts at TechCrunch Disrupt in London last week.

We have been writing about LifeStyle Tech on FashNerd.com for a while now, therefore it is not the first time that we have come across a smart bulb . That is why I would not have thought that we would have been blown away by a smart lamp called Fluxo.

FLUXO - product picture 2

At #TCDisrupt at CopperBox Arena in London, we spoke wit start Up’s CEO’s Lukas Pilat and Robert Kopka. Co founder Robert Kopka shared, “FLUXO allows us to essentially paint our rooms with light, our way, in any way. Our Kickstarter campaign will allow us to effectively launch the first generation of a lighting system that can truly be applied to any situation.”  He then added, “FLUXO combines state of the art LED technology with sophisticated lenses, diffusers, and a design that can bring unprecedented practicality to the home without impacting the aesthetics that we all want.”

When I looked at the smart lamp, I felt that it somehow created this urge to want to touch it. The lamp looked like a very heavy and durable device. Beautiful, high quality, the partly aluminum designed pendant lamp has 300 powerful LED’s on board and can give you the freedom you have been looking for to customize the lighting in your home. It was clear to me that this wasn’t a coincidence. The Fluxo design has already won the Silver Award at the 2015 London Design Award and we would not be  surprised if it took Fluxo about 10 hours on Kickstarter to reach their $50.000 goal.


Now imagine, painting your room with light, where you want it and being able to create an atmosphere to your liking. Fluxo basically gives you the option to light your home where you need it and in the color that you want it. Think along the line of a more directed light that will help you focus when you are reading a book or creating some ambient backlight behind the TV in a dark room.

Fluxo doesn’t stop there though. You can even independently control downlight or uplight to suit your needs plus the lamp uses presence detection. You can make the light switch off automatically to save yourself some money and be more eco friendly. My favourite feature is that the light can switch on when you walk in the room. It will turn on with a light scene that is based upon the smart algorithm that chooses the right scene for you. The app lets you control Fluxo’s unique features on your smartphone and gives you a logic and well thought out user experience. You will the ability to save your personalized light scenes and swipe your way through them.

Luke Roberts Fluxo

Normally, to purchase this lamp you would have to be ready to pay 799 euros. That might be a bit on the pricey side, so early birds should head over to their campaign and take advantage of their fund it price $363 including shipping. Either way, you will definitely own a lamp that will compliment the modern interior design of any smart home. You would have gather some patience though because the lamp is planned to be shipped to the first backers by August 2016.


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