“Swiss Made” Tag Heuer Smart Watch Made in China?

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Did Google and Intel Play Tag Heuer For a Fool? Well we are certainly not going to bash the luxury brand but we cannot ignore the voice of disappointment from the tech enthusiasts (hello TechCrunch). They are simply not impressed with the recently released android device. Leaving us wondering whether the hype that once surrounded the TAG Connected android wearable means that it is no longer a gadgeteer’s dream?

Tag Heuer Connected

Tag Heuer’s partnership with Intel and Google was an idea born of Jean-Claude Biver, chief executive of TAG Heuer; Brian M. Krzanich, chief executive of Intel and David Singleton, vice president of engineering for Android at Google. The TAG Heuer Connected is modeled very closely on the TAG Carrera, a watch introduced in 1963. The Swiss-engineered smartwatch was designed with an Intel Atom Z34XX processor and Google’s platform Android. Measuring a diameter of 46.2 millimeters and a width of 12.8 millimeters, the TAG Heuer Connected’s rather large size definitely surpasses that of its competitors Urbane and the Huawei.

TAG Heuer SmartWatch

The TAG Heuer Connected is made of very light titanium and weighs 52g. Powered by a 410mAh battery, it offers a minimum 25 hour battery life and everyday essentials such as emails, texts, calls, maps, search option and language translation. The waterproof watch lacks a heart monitor which nowadays is a basic must for most high end smart watches. That being said, it does have 4GB of storage, motion tracking, buzzing notifications and a 1.5″ 360×360 circular transflective LTPS LCD display.

With components coming from Silicon Valley, the “Swiss Made” watch is rumoured to have been manufactured in China. On this TAG Heuer told FashNerd, “Although case and buckle are Swiss, the watch doesn’t sport the “Swiss Made” engraving because the electronic insides come from Intel.”

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With technology constantly moving at such a rapid rate, TAG Heuer has made a promise that those who purchase the watch will not be at risk of technology advances rendering their watch obsolete. All consumers who invest in the TAG Connected will have the opportunity, after two years, to bring it back to the store and trade it in by paying another $1,500, for a mechanical version of the TAG Carrera.

On the TAG Connected Jean-Claude Biver shared that the launch is a “marriage between Watch Valley and Silicon Valley; the marriage between Switzerland and America.” When asked about what their sale predictions were, Biver declined to comment but instead added “Apple does not give numbers, so why should I?”  With such a high price tag of $1,500/€1,350 we wonder Mr Biver whether anyone is quite ready to pay such a premium for a wearable at this stage?

Available in three different faces and a variety of colored rubber straps that are interchangeable, the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch went on sale on 9th November 2015. Only a limited 1,000 pieces will be on sale exclusively in New York and then in Europe the following week.

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