Neyya, A Smart Ring to Rule Them All

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Combining convenience and style has, for some time now, been considered the holy grail of the wearable tech space, but every now and then we stumble upon ‘the’ device. Meet Neyya, a smart ring to rule them all.

Woman Purse Neyya Ring

The road to the killer device is a treacherous one full of many mistakes and a lot of pivoting. This was a fact that was quite clear to Neyya, formerly known as Fin. The successfully funded company ran their Indiegogo campaign over a year ago and today they are officially launching Neyya, the intuitive smart bluetooth ring that combines form, fashion and function.

Fin Ring

The previous design of the Neyya ring was one that caught a lot of attention. It was a ring with the kind of  impressive technology that promised a device that would stand out from the rest. Therefore, it came as no surprise that they managed  to raise more than $200k by the time their campaign ended on September 2014. On this Neyya President Sonia Hunt shared with TechCrunch: “After the crowdfunding and the prototype that we showed at TechCrunch’s hardware battlefield(CES)in Vegas we did some more work and we realized a couple of things. We had brought on some specialists and even physicians, in terms of placement of the ring, and we did a lot of work on metrics of the hand.”

Gold&Titanium with LED

The new and improved Neyya smart ring’s objective is to be your digital companion. It has been designed to simplify how users interact with their mobile devices. When worn, you can control presentations, play music, and activate your camera with a simple tap or swipe on a Neyya’s smart touchpad. It has seamless integration with iOS and OS X device, Windows laptop or even GoPro Cams giving you an new way of controlling your devices whilst looking fashionable.


With battery usage life lasting up to 3 days, the tech accessory is available in titanium for $139 and gold for $179. You can grab this unisex innovation as of 17 November 2015 online and by Thanksgiving you will also be able to purchase it at Bloomingdales, Amazon and Selfridges.

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With Apple recently patenting their iRing and players like Oura Ring and Vinaya House making a positive mark in the wearable tech space, we are sure that tech on the finger will soon reign supreme and be the smart accessory of choice.

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