Inventions of 2015: A Round-up of Smart Devices

Edited by Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

With barely 6 weeks left before we enter 2016, we have chosen today to be the day that we look back at the tech inventions of 2015. With technology spoiling us for choice,  we based our decisions on devices that we cannot wait to introduce into our everyday lives in the not too distant future. Here is FashNerd team’s  #Top5of2015 picks, chosen from a long list that was narrowed down to a chosen few.

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[quote_box_left]A Clever Device For Foodies by Mia Jameson[/quote_box_left]

Who is gluten sensitive? There is plenty of anxiety ridden foodies that love to dine in restaurants but are unsure if what they are consuming is free of their allergies. So on that note, who would not love a tech companion that could inform them which food on the menu is off limits? I know I would. Introducing a device that goes by the name of  Nima Sensor. In only two minutes, Nima can test any kind of food or drink for traces of gluten. We adore this clever device, and look forward to 6Sensorlabs applying their technology to detect other food allergens like peanuts and dairy. Nima Sensor is $199 is available for pre-order at

[quote_box_left]When its a Technical Matter of Clean by Muchaneta Kapfunde[/quote_box_left]With plans to launch wearable versions in May, the TZOA Environmental Tracker makes for an amazing device. The personal pollution detector has the ability to assist in avoiding pockets of pollen and potentially harmful pollutants and allergens. Developed by electrician Kevin R. Hart, the stationary device uses sensors to evaluate the atmosphere in any given area by measuring factors like temperature, particulate matter (dust, pollen, mold, car exhaust) and UV ­exposure. The TZOA Environmental Tracker is priced at $139 and is available for preorder at
TZOA_2-Large[quote_box_left]#KidsWhoCode, More Than a Trend by Muchaneta Kapfunde[/quote_box_left]#KidsWhoCode is more than just a trend, it is our children’s reality. Today there seems to be more demand from parents who want to expose their little ones to coding during their formative years. This is where Hackaball could step in. The smart device has been designed to encourage 6- 10 year olds to learn about technology all the while playing and being active. The Hackaball toy works by syncing with a mobile app, which then allows the users to program how and when it lights up. The device teaches the basics of programming through play and enables social ­scenarios that include the invention of their own games. Although the successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $240,000 has now ended, you can still purchase a Hackaball for $85.00 on preorder at The first units will be shipped as of January 2016.04_Hackaball_Throw[quote_box_left]Elon Musk, Proving Any Kind of Car Can go Electric by Mano ten Napel[/quote_box_left]Electric car’s have never been sexier than they are today and the Tesla’s Model X is our car of choice. Running on clean power, this is a fancy motor that should be considered competition to the regular luxury cars of yesterday. Tesla’s premium automobile can go 250 miles on a single charge, the Model X’s best feature has to be its ability to blast to drive and hit 60 m.p.h. from a standstill in 3.2 seconds! Lastly, if the words of CEO Elon Musk,  “that any kind of car can go electric”, don’t ring true to your ears then you need to request a test drive ASAP! The Tesla Model X  is estimated to be priced around $130,000 and will be available in 2016.section-hero-backgroundSo that’s it folks. What do you think? Do you agree with our round-up of ‘the’ smart devices of 2015? What technology brand/product do you think we should have included? Feel free to share your thoughts, we look forward to hearing them.
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