Could Future of Fashion Revolution be Led by LagerFeld?

In 2015 the powers-that-be in fashion gave Karl Lagerfeld an Outstanding Achievement Award at British Fashion Awards for his contribution to the fashion industry.


It was an event where fashion insiders looked forward to witnessing the celebrated designer being honored at the ceremony. FashNerd has had Karl Lagerfeld on our tech radar for a while now. Not because of our love for all things Chanel, but more because we found ourselves appreciating how he managed to take the classic Chanel suit to a futuristic level. He did this by re-creating it using 3D printing. It was this bold move, made by a fashion house that only recently went online, that left us wondering whether the Future of Fashion revolution could be led by a visionary such as LagerFeld.

3D Printed Parts On Chanel Suit
3D Printed Parts On Chanel Suit

There is not many couture labels at the moment, taking the technology step when it comes to their creative process. Therefore, it was a nice surprise to see such an old school label like Chanel dip their manicured toes into the world of Fashion Tech. They achieved this by taking the iconic Chanel suit and intricately constructing it and giving it a shape of its own. With no sewing involved, the suit was molded using a high-quality technique that Lagerfeld hopes the world of couture will become more open to using in coming seasons.  The technique is called Selective Laser and it operates by aiming the laser into a space where it binds the powdered material creating a solid structure. The finished product resulted in square-cut shoulders and boxy jackets looking quite three-dimensional.

Elements of a Chanel Haute Couture creation produced using 3D printing techniques.
Elements of a Chanel Haute Couture creation produced using 3D printing techniques

With such a beautiful end product, it gives me goosebumps to see a label known for its bourgeoisie air being unafraid to integrate fashion with their modern technology. This to me is the first definitive step to strengthening the power couple that is Ms Fashion and Mr Technology.

On his win Chairman of the British Fashion Council  Natalie Massenet shared;

He is he Ultimate Visionary and we Celebrate not Only the Decades Already Passed but Those yet to Happen. In Karl’s Hands the Future of Fashion will be an Exceptional one”

It is with these words still humming in our ears that we have decided to take a moment to congratulate Mr Lagerfeld on his Outstanding Achievement Award and in hopefully being the influencer who will show luxury fashion brands that progression does not mean death to traditional creativity.

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