BLIPPAR, Augmented Reality for Generation Curious

Just when we thought apps couldn’t get any better, we are introduced to Blippar.

With millions of people blipping a wealth of information hidden in the digital world, it seems that the interactive future is happening now.


So what makes this app so different? Well Blippar makes objects come to life. It is an app with the ability to see locations of nearby grocers, nutritional information and top-rated recipes. Its power is in how it is able to add digital content to physical objects, making the world bippable.

Blippar is the brainchild of Ambarish Mitra and business partner Omar Tayeb. The objective of Blippar, was to allow regular objects to interact with a phone to create augmented reality. Referring to their technological creation as a  “visual discovery,” their Blippable world is growing rapidly and exposing the curious to bottles of beer coming to life, and interactive movie trailers. With $45 million in venture funding, Blippar now has 260 employees in a dozen offices worldwide.

Ambarish Mitra| Image Credit Courtesy Company
Ambarish Mitra| Image Credit Courtesy Company

The FashNerd team had to give Blippar a try, so we did. Using this week’s special interactive edition of Drapers, we decided to take on the unique opportunity to star on its cover. To give it a try yourself, just follow the instructions below:

Drapers November 14 2015 cover

1. DOWNLOAD BLIPPAR on to your device from the App Store or Google Play

2. BLIPP our cover image above to take a selfie

3. SHARE your Drapers cover with your friends and with @Drapers on Twitter

FashNerd Founders Cover Stars of Drapers using Blippar
FashNerd Founders Cover Stars of Drapers using Blippar

With engaging experiences ranging from movie posters and DVD covers to packaging, food and print, the app already has 50  million users in 170 countries and is interacting with over 1000 brands. You can learn more by visiting their showroom page to see blipps in action or if you prefer you can try it out right now by downloading the Blippar app: iTunes App Store | Google Play

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