You Like em Wireless? Meet Elbee’s Hearables

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Kicking things off last night in Brussels, Belgium with a party, Elbee celebrated the start of their Kickstarter campaign. The first few hours of any crowdfunding campaign are the most crucial and it looks like Elbee is starting strong, with 19k of their 250k pledge took place in the first 10 hours.Elbee11Co-founder Konrad Holubek, a fan of hearables, has, in the last year, gathered a team who have been developing the Elbee in-ear wireless headphones with smart features. As a great believer in the hearable tech(Wired) industry, we have been following Elbee’s progress for a while now. In the space of wearables, hearables, in our opinion, offer the greatest proposition when it comes to convenience.


Elbee features centre around convenience. Available in three different sizes, the smart wireless in-ear stereo headphones allows high-quality sound and gives you access to control your android or iPhone by simply giving voice commands or slight head movements. The Elbee app takes things further by giving you the opportunity to interact with google maps or even your Nest device, all hands free. This is exactly the position we want to be in here at FashNerd, controlling our smart things from our hearable device in our smart home.


The highest level of convenience offered by Elbee is the fact that the in-ear headphones can be used in conjunction with your smartphone to make phone calls via bluetooth. In doing so, you can actually use the noise cancellation feature. So no more apologies or telling people to hold on for a minute as you attempt to find a quieter environment to take your call. Also, the silicon designed earbuds have a ‘sweat-resistant’ feature and have a patented technology that ensures a secure fit.


So if by now you have gotten used to seeing people on the street or on commute talking on their smartphones as if they are talking to their imaginative friend, you should prepare yourself for more of this ‘odd behavior’ when users are giving slight head movement commands wearing Elbee’s hearable tech device. To back up Elbee’s campaign and get your hands on one of these dope hearables you should take advantage of the early bird offer of $149 + shipping. Fund it HERE.

Note: Estimated delivery November 2016.

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