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We talk a lot about tech and once in a while, our tech talk goes teen and this is when the game comes is. Have heard of it yet? If you haven’t, then I am sure that you are about to hear more about this tech brand that is all about customizable wearables that sync in real time.

Gemio-Friend Bracelet

Gemio will be releasing a collection of bright bracelets that are all about personalization. You will be able to design your bracelet from a huge selection of gems in different sizes and styles. What makes Gemio bracelet more than just a bracelet that lights up, is its ability to light up depending on who you are with, what you are doing (gesture recognition) and what you are wearing. All this is possible due to a built in color sensor which you can point at the colors around you to change the color of your bracelet. Another perk is that the bracelet is able to look and behave depending on who you’re with and what you’re doing.


Founders of this teen friendly tech wearable Michael Bettua and Charles Borwick have managed to create an accessory that you can actually teach to recognize your friends and play specific light “tones” (like a ringtone in light) when you get together. So if you’re with a group of friends, your bracelets can play a matching pattern on all your bracelets!

So how does it work? Well the Gemio bracelet is responsive and understands gestures. It will let you know when your friends are nearby or when they are trying to reach you, and it can also communicate in stealth mode via vibrations instead of light. On this Bettua shared, “We designed it for teens because they are trendsetters in both fashion and technology. We focused on what’s important to them: self-expression and connecting with friends.”

The BOHO form Gemio's collection
The BOHO form Gemio’s collection


The jewellery works inline with the MyGemio App. It allows you to design your own look. You can create a personalized online lookbook of your bracelet designs and then bring them to life in the real world. You can use the Design Studio to experiment with different bracelet designs and paint with light to create anything from simple color patterns to cool animations.

Feels Like Tech Ten Spirit

We have styled the bracelet with teen favorite brand Topshop. In the words of Nirvana this is a teen spirit look that pays homage to the 90’s with the boyfriend jeans, grunge jumper and buckled ankle boots. You can shop the look at Topshop and as for the Gemio bracelet, they will be available for $69-$99 on pre-order as of late November 2015.

UPDATE: 22 July 2016

Gemio has launched a Kickstarter campaign with six tile designs to choose from. Each Gemio Band comes with the Gemio Tile set and 2 Tile sets of your choice. In addition, there will be 6 Tile set designs available to choose from when you pre-order Gemio Bands. Gemio also plans to release new limited edition designs through collaborations with celebrities and designers, so watch this space. Otherwise, do feel free to show your support by clicking HERE.

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