It’s Time To Get Intimate With Technology

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Technology has decided to become intimate with women’s private parts and the two companies vying for our attention are Chiaro and the folks at LOON Lab, Inc.


Let’s first start with Chiaro. Elvie is the brainchild of founder and CEO Tania Boler.  Elvie’s mission is to help women feel happy and confident about their bodies, especially at their most intimate level. By combining research and innovation, Chiaro are transforming the way women think and feel about themselves. Headed by Boler, Chiaro is changing the way technology is used, by developing new products like Elvie, that break down stigma and change lives.

Elvie is the first product developed by British women’s tech company, Chiaro. It is a device that was designed to resolve the problem of weak pelvic floor muscles. As we all know, pelvic floor muscle training exercises can help strengthen the muscles under the uterus, bladder, and bowel (large intestine). The Elvie pod can help  women who have problems with urine leakage or bowel control.

elvie pod

Evie came together with the help of doctors, tech experts from wearable company Jawbone, engineers from Dyson and feedback from 100 women. Currently, Evie is the only product on the market that will not only give you better core stability and control over those muscles, it will also inform you if you are doing your Kegel exercises incorrectly.

You can defy gravity with Elvie by downloading an app which will give you access a series of “fun, five minute, video game-like workouts with real-time feedback.” Available for €199.00 plus shipping, you can buy one now and start loving your hoo- ha in a way that could benefit it in the long run.

Not tempted by Evie? How about the Looncup? It is a device that will allow you to track and learn more about your monthly flow. Available on pre-order, the Bluetooth-connected menstrual cup is a smart device that will send reports on your menstruation straight to your phone.


With their Kickstarter campaign in full flow, no pun intended, and with 15 days left to go, the LOONCUP has already reached above and beyond its $50,000 goal. Although the device so far has 2716 backers, the silicone cup with a sensor, battery and Bluetooth antenna is not be alone in the market. It’s competition, Mooncup, Diva Cup and Lunette are not striking any fear in the hearts of LOON Lab inc, because what makes this device different is that it is a smart menstruation cup.

Created with the objective to give women the opportunity to take back control, measure, analyze, and track, LOON Lab are hoping to redefine our menstruation experience. Described as our “monthly period partner” the LOONCUP can do so much more than a tampon, pad, or even a regular menstrual cup can do. The world’s first smart menstruation cup, will tell you exactly how full the cup is, and when it’s time to refresh.


With a securely embedded sensor that speaks directly to your smartphone, the LOONCUP has the ability to track your fluid volume, fluid color, and analyze your cycles. “Safe, convenient, and super smart” the LOONCUP works by inserting it into your vagina whilst on your period. The cup then connects via Bluetooth to an app on your iPhone, Android or Apple Watch, and sends you notifications throughout your cycle.

Want to put down your pads and tampons in exchange for the LOONCUP? Well with a battery that only lasts up to six months,  you must note that once the battery is dead, it cannot be replaced or recharged, and you would probably need to get yourself new LOONCUP. With no exact RRP price released, you can take advantage of the early bird fund it price of $30 for one cup plus free shipping.

We all know that menstrual cups have existed for years and that women have been doing pelvic floor muscles without the aid of a device for longer than they would admit, so this brings us to the question of do we really need these devices in our life? Is there a truly a demand for such intimate technology? I think that for old school ladies like myself, I would need a moment to ponder first, but for the new generation, this could just be the way forward.

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SOURCEImage Credit: Chiaro | LOON Lab, Inc.