iBackPack, Designed To Last a Lifetime

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

601% funded in 17 days. 43 days still to go. The iBackPack caught our attention.

With the back to school promotions still going strong, we have come across the perfect back pack for the tech generation. Started on IndieGoGo, the campaign is headed by its CEO Doug Monahan whose objective is to design and bring to market a revolutionary backpack.


This is a man who wanted to design a backpack that could do much more than a regular one. So he took an everyday backpack and gave it a powerful battery, system , 4 USB Ports, GPS System, WiFi Connectivity, Proximity Alerts and voila the iBackPack was born.

This is the kind of backpack that doesn’t discriminate. It will appeal to everyone. For example it can be used by an 8 year old student just as much as it can be used by a CEO of Silicon Valley company. Boasting waterproof and made out of durable materials, the iBackPack will not only recharge all your devices at once but it  can also be an extension of your personality through customization.


The iBackPack promises that you will never run out of juice again. It has the power to charge up to 6 iPads from scratch, making you a walking WiFi hot spot. Another perk is that this is not the kind of backpack you loose easily. It has a GPS tracking system and Bluetooth proximity locator that will let you know exactly where you bag is.

Designed to last a lifetime, this born in the USA backpack starts at $149.00. A quite affordable price point for a bag that does so much and comes with a lifetime guarantee. FUND IT