Meet The Women Who Dare

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Since Ellen Pao‘s court case, women have successfully coined the hashtag #WomenInTech. It is a hashtag that has gone from strength to strength and continues, to this day, to be powered by the many Women Who Dare.


Whether they make a difference in fashion tech or lifestyle tech, at Apple or for their own startup, are learning code or teaching code, they are all playing a vital part in the advancement of technology today.

Acknowledging these women’s milestones can start the process of eliminating stereotypes. We need to try and overcome the diversity issues plaguing technology at the moment. We should want to hold up the women who are paving the way for our girls. They are making a positive difference in a male dominated industry which is not an easy feat.

The Women Who Dare come from all walks of life. They are not the caricature of the ‘geek girl’ that we all have come to know. They are tomboys, glamazons, mothers, students and wives. They are a rainbow of colours, something that is unfortunately not so obvious in some of the lists compiled by various publications.


FashNerd’s ‘Women Who Dare’ list honors the brilliant, the amazing and the bold. The women are coders paving the way, innovators making it happen and writers keeping the revolution alive. They are the rockstars of the FashionTech industry. We have purposely steered away from making a list of ‘the usual suspects’.  Why not take a peek at those we have included, all you have to do is simply click on the photo below.
Women Who Dare

Lastly, we are aware that there are plenty more women who deserve to be on  a list that strongly acknowledges their blood, sweat and tears, so if you have any suggestions on who should make our next list time then drop us a line.

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