Kuben Edwards, Stylish Eco Conscious Warrior

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

As the demand for Fast Fashion slows down, the way forward is all about Sustainable fashion. More than a trend, and all about changing the way we purchase our wardrobe makes it a perfect time to step into the world of Electric tees.

Founder of Electric Tees Kuben Edwards
Founder of Electric Tees Kuben Edwards

Electric Tees design and produce a collection of unique visual graphics that are unique in the market. This season they are adapting to the concept of Made –To-Order. They have built the idea upon fundamental principles of sustainable production and socially positive supple chain management. They refuse to be part of the Fast Fashion crowd and consciously avoiding over production of their garments. Electric Tees is all about bespoke pieces that are both original and affordable. With this is mind, we sat down with the woman behind the Shoreditch based British brand, entrepreneur Kuben Edwards.

Tell us a little bit about your brand?

Electric Tees is a unisex recycled organic graphic tops brand that’s a mashup of read between the lines and think outside the box!  Our tops feature eyebrow raising naughty, cheeky, tongue in cheek graphics that are guaranteed to cause a buzz!!!

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?.

When I often think back, we could have improved the business or what I would have changed would definitely be gaining more knowledge about the manufacturing and production.

Are there any plans of collaborating with other brands?

We would love to do a graphics collaboration with Free People , as well as a swim wear brands i.e. We Are Handsome would be super electric!

Free The Nipples Neon Unisex Classic fit T-shirt
Free The Nipples Neon Unisex Classic fit T-shirt

What wearable, fashion or lifestyle, is on your must have wish list and why?

At the moment there is no Killer App in saying that there are two products I’m quite keen on Ringly and Cuff, both of which embrace the jewellery wearable tech idea, one other tech start-up is also interested in going back to the reality of how most of us wear accessories (which includes wearable tech devices) to enhance our looks and reflect our personality. Ear-O-Smart prides itself in developing a wearable tech product that focuses on design right from the beginning. Disguised as a classy earring, Ear-O-Smart can monitor your heart rate, calories and activity level. According to Ear-O-Smart’s President, they have decided to develop earrings instead of other accessories because physicians traditionally use the earlobe to monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen of patients due to the high blood flow in this area, which provides more accurate information compared to leading wristbands and chest straps. 

I love keeping fit and healthy. One of the biggest players in the fitness tracking and wearable tech scene has been Fitbit. Initially starting out as a simple addition to your wrist that could improve and ease your fitness tracking woes, Fitbit is now also in collaboration with Tory Burch to make sure that this piece of wearable tech device is looking more like a classy accessory that is versatile enough to accompany you on various occasions, instead of remaining as a durable- and athletic-looking tracking device. 

What brand would you most like collaborate with?

I would love for Electric Tees to collaborate with ENDMK . Now that would be electric.


What one word would you say defines you?


How do you find inspiration?

Travelling and or living in different countries. Meeting new people and and sharing our knowledge and experiences.

What was the best piece of advice you ever got? The worst?

Best Advice stick to what you know and make sure you stick to one thing and do it really well.

“Worst Advice is to settle down in one place, I think you should travel as much of the world as possible.”

What’s your favourite quote?

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” -Nelson Mandela

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I’m OCD and obsessed  with keeping things clean and tidy 

What do you think is the biggest innovation of your lifetime thus far?

For me it has to be the internet. It has transformed the world! 


Beatnik Banana Munster Unisex Classic fit T-shirt
Beatnik Banana Munster Unisex Classic fit T-shirt

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ABOUT ELECTRIC TEES:  It is an Eco aware brand that takes pride in being a bit more conscious about the Environment. They work with fresh design talent to create our unique graphic collection that is printed in the UK. The fabric they use is Earth Positive (100% organic with 90% Reduced CO2)- has a low carbon footprint apparel. Everyone who works with Electric Tees from suppliers through to their customers, benefits from their concept. Electric Tees main objective is to make a product that does not hurts anyone or cause anyone any harm, they instead want their customers to not only buy but to also care about what they buy!