Dior Sneakers, The Fusion Of Urban Spirit & Couture

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Colourful and feminine, the Dior sneakers were  introduced to us on the runway during Spring Couture 2014. The sneakers, that cost $1,100, are simultaneously delicate and sporty, with finely embroidered sequin flowers and rubber soles, which in our opinion makes them the perfect shoe for the Couture conscious.
dior sneakers

So where is the tech? Dior states that their shoe is enriched with high-tech details inspired by the world of sport and adorned with feminine and futuristic embroidery. Mmmmmmm ok. Their new current designs include emblematic slip-ons and the striking high-tophey. They according to Dior “embody the fusion of urban spirit and Couture”.

Although a bit doubtful of the ‘high-tech’ and ‘futuristic’ labels that Dior has put upon their high priced sneakers, this morning I found myself in slight awe of the teaser that has been released today. Starring the latest Dior’s Fusion sneakers, the plimsolls are under the lens of music video director, Jean-Baptiste Mondino. With creepy music accompanying the visual, the video held my interest for the full minute, and before I knew I found myself watching it again.

The ‘futuristic’ video features model Malaika Firth skipping along in slow motion. It teases us with a sequin, pearl-embroidered and floral  footwear from Dior’s Pre-AW 2015 collection.

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