Loving The Bigger Beta Brand

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Chris Lindland is proving to be the man behind the #FashionTech movement. The CEO started his San Francisco based company BetaBrand in 2010, and today sales are expected to exceed $2 million dollars.


What makes Lindland’s brand successfully standout is that the online retailer does not launch seasonal Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, he instead designs and manufactures products that he introduces to his customers on a weekly basis.  It is this fast way of keeping things fresh and new that has kept people excited about the Betabrand and has left them wanting more. Therefore, it is no wonder why many admire him, because it is quite a serious undertaking to deliver weekly something technology innovative and fashionably convenient.


When it comes to style, the brand has built a name by embracing urban trends and stereotypes. Their most popular is the Bike-to-Work -pants. They are unassuming khaki trousers with safety conscious reflective details. The Beta Brand design that had people talking was the Illuminati Suit Jacket and pants from the ‘Flashback’ collection. It became infamous because it is embedded with wearable technology that will “ruin paparazzi pictures when a photo is taken. For us, we love the black sheep jumper made from the wool of an actual black sheep, it is the perfect warmer on a chilly evening.

Illuminati Suit Jacket and Pants
Illuminati Suit Jacket and Pants

When it comes to strategy, Chris Lindland says, “We run our clothing company as an Internet company, so we play by Internet rules when doing so,”  Lindland continues, “One of the big rules of the Internet is that you have to be new all the time; there’s a sense of constant reinvention. We put out products as quickly as we possibly can, as frequently as we possibly can, and we try to get people taking about them with each one we put out. It’s almost like an editorial calendar that drives design.” 

Bicycle Trousers With Reflectors
Bicycle Trousers With Reflectors

Daring to be different, but still being in the realms of normal, we think that Betabrand knows the importance of interacting with its online community, and they do this by encouraging their customers to post photos of themselves living the Betabrand way of life.

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