Berlin Street Style Discovered at #RP15

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

I must admit that I expected Berlin Street Style to be like watching proud peacocks prance about in eye catching outfits, turning public pavements into their very own catwalks So therefore I was excited to have been given that chance to observe the FashionTech crowd at the event Re:publica with interest.

Unfortunately, I  disappointed that the #RP15 FashionTech crowd was more duck pitter patter then peacock strut. Where has the fashion gone? Surely it can’t all be about technology. If there is a place that fashion innovation should shine it should be at an event such as this. It is the perfect platform for designers to let their hair down and show off their creative imagination to an audience that will appreciate their efforts. Instead it all seemed quite serious in nature. More about the technology behind the product than the fashion that’s makes the product. Does the designer think that they would be taken more seriously if they play down the fashion side of things? The mind boggles.


The preferred style of those who attended #rp15 was simple and practical. The make up was minimum.The shoes were Birkenstocks, trainers or ballet pumps. The bag of choice was either a backpack or a cross body. Their look screamed convenience. I must admit I expected to see flashing jackets, statement jewellery that charged phones, crazy beeping head accessories but instead I got normcore.

Normcore is a trend that the Berlin city folk do so well. They are all about edge with a splash of conservative. Their “this is me” attitude goes well with their “I just threw this on” look- I love it. The only people I know who can do this kind of look well are the Parisians. Effortless is the name of their game, and I wish I could have it come as natural to me as it does to them.

By the end of the day I managed to pap a few willing attendees. I loved their easy style but I must admit I was slightly disappointed that none of them was sporting something tech, except for Lisa Lang. I was pleased to have had lunch with her and her fabulous flashing necklace, because honestly, that is what I came to see.

berin street style