Woax Wearable, Not Your Average Hearable

We always crave tech accessories that can add an element of cool to our style, and Woax, a wearable that is neither earphone nor headset, promises to be the stylish device that keeps on giving!

Developed with embedded artificial intelligence, Woax boasts integrated pioneering technology that successfully creates an environment where mobile communication is both instant and global.

The science behind it is the Voice Command Device. Once you have installed the application and the Bluetooth connection you are ready to go. For some, the installing might be a lot of fuss, but do bear in mind that their advanced version promises to have the UIM (User Identification Module) from the pre-installed mobile phone carrier, meaning that the gadget will operate autonomously.

Woax Wearables

With the current model it is necessary to go through the initialization process so Woax can use the voice recognition technology to tune into your voice pattern. Once this is done, you will be able to use your voice to easily access things such as listening to music, taking a selfie, web searching, receiving/making a call and posting on Facebook, to name just a few perks!

On Woax, a company spokesperson said “We are eager to create this mobile freedom for the youth of today; they are the most responsive audience to any and all innovations. Woax is set to become truly ingrained in their culture.”

When it comes to security, Woax has used custom embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have done this by combining speech recognition technology with their very own designed algorithms in order to execute a variety of unique functions. I must say, we do appreciate how open the Woax team are when it comes to improving their device. They will happily provide vast opportunities for developers who would like to pitch in and broaden the diversity of the voice functions.

Fashionably convenient, the ‘nice n’ easy’ wearable is available in a multitude of colourful designs that are either loud, for those who want to be seen, and invisible for those who prefer to be discrete. The shell is made of innovative non-allergen materials that when worn it will adapt to the shape of your ear and to your body temperature instantaneously.

Woax colourline

Woax USP is its God Mode. Using their very own unique development the wearable will allow the user to listen into many conversation streams from all over the world or from specifically selected regions. In this mode, you can choose to listen or to take part in real life debates, face real human emotions, issues, events in a real world experience.

Supporting English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese languages with many more to follow, Woax’s downside is its battery power that only lasts up to 5 hours, which isn’t great for a device that is looking to substitute smartphones in the near future.

So hip & trendy tech folk, are you ready to activate this wearable? You can with two simple words, “Hey Woax”.

Get involved with the Woax campaign at Indiegogo.

Feel free to add to this article by sharing in the comment section below.


Feel free to add to this article by sharing in the comment section below.