The Tooth TechFairy Gets Smart

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

We all have those lazy moments when it comes to brushing our teeth. The child within us feels like it is such a chore. Even the dreaded visit to the dentist chair does not encourage us to always brush our pearly whites properly and that is why French company Kolibree has caught our attention.

Kolibree have brought to the table a connected electric tooth brush that will encourage us to interact with our dental care in a positive way. Equipped with vibrating technology, it boasts sensors that interact with mobile apps that will make brushing our teeth an enjoyable experience.


How you might ask. Well, the smart toothbrush will interact with your toothbrush and give you the ability to track and monitor the parts of your mouth that you are brushing more often than others, whilst providing you with vital oral health tips from dental professionals.

Another perk is the child angle. Besides providing real time feedback that allows parents to follow their kids’ brushing habits, Kolibree have also made oral hygiene more fun for the children themselves. This will be done by engaging the child in a game that encourages them to learn how to brush their teeth better. Whilst they brush their teeth they play a game that works by changing the orientation of their toothbrush, which in turn will move a character in the game and earn them more rewards.

The Kolibree toothbrush is in our eyes a useful, fun and educational must have, now if they can only invent something that will take me from my bed to my toothbrush!

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