The Smart Measuring Tape

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

We live in a world where a size 12 is sometimes a 14 or a size 10 can sometimes really be more like an 8. The solution to this everyday online shopping dilema is XYZE. They have come up with a innovative idea that in practice might just work.

XYZE have designed and created a digital measuring tape that promises to dramatically enhance our online shopping experience in a way that has not yet been done. They have come up with a device that promises to give shoppers the capability to choose the perfect size for their body type, which should then hopefully decrease the number of items needing to be returned.


In order to take advantage of this revolutionary technology you will need to download the XYZE app and create a digital profile. The App will then automatically receive, via bluetooth, your exact measurements which will be translated into information that lets you know what brands are available in your particular size specifications. This will therefore ensure that anything you buy online should fit your body type.

With up to 160 cm (63 inch) of circular tape and a 3V removable battery that lasts 48 months, the soft design is developed in Italy and boasts a comfortable, soft-touch, extractable tape that sticks to your body.


The science behind the design is the high-quality algorithm that calculates the ratio between your body measurements and the brands’ clothes specifications for each item category. Sounds too good to be true? Well we think its about time that something useful was created, and we have a feeling that it might just be this innovative user friendly tape. With XYZE planning to develop the app so it is available on all operating systems, the only question left is What’s My Size?

Interested? Learn more on XYZE at Indiegogo OR Pre-Order now.