The Modern Woman’s Birkin?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Women who adore handbags are soon going to to be spoilt for choice with the introduction of the Leoht handbag.It is a tech bag that will not only charge your gadgets it will also help you find them. Although this concept is not new to the market, it is the sought after talked about style of bag perfect for the modern woman on the go.


Our excitement is not because we need such a tech driven bag, it is more that we simply want one, like how we would love to have our very own Birkin.

So why invest in it? Well this stylish tote has a discrete built in battery at the base of the bag, making it easy to charge your gadgets on the go. It also boasts an interior light to help you find things when your bag becomes a black hole that has you wondering “where are my keys?”

With flourish, Leoht has added perks such as the ability to charge the bag wirelessly should you choose to not charge it the old fashioned way. The downfall is the weight. Without our womanly ‘essentials’, the bag weighs 3 pounds. Full with all our must haves for the day the weight is sure to put a strain on the bags thin straps leaving me wondering why such thin straps on a tote that will be carrying all our worldly possessions?

Luckily the bag is just a prototype, and co-founder/CEO of Leoht, Carnise McIntosh, acknowledges that they are still working on perfecting it. When it does arrive it will be priced at $300- $350, with the cross body satchel, Hobo to some, being available between $300- $650.

The Seed Collection  is available in 3 styles,and can be pre-ordered in the spring on Kickstarter, making their autumn arrival perfect for every tech savvy woman’s AW15 wardrobe.

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