Plumora, Connecting You On Your Terms

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

FashTech has been a strong conversation starter for a while now. The opinions of the two worlds, Fashion and Technology, has created two sides, the believers and the skeptics. The idea of  a jewellery device,wearable tech clothing and fashionable health & fitness trackers  still boggles the mind of many, but then along came a handsome bracelet known as Plumora.

Plumora is a fashtech brand that is worthy of a second glance. Many fashion wearables still leave a lot to be desired, but they are getting better. In my opinion,  Plumora is the ‘little engine that could’, proving that it is possible to create a fashion device that is more of a stylish “this could work” rather than a hasty and clueless “as if”. 


So what makes the aesthetically pleasing Plumora the brand that is catching the eye of the hard to please fashion industry? In my opinion their light bulb moment came about when they realised that they needed to  create a bracelet that happens to be a wearable device, rather than a wearable device trying to pass itself off as a bracelet.

The tech temptations on offer are that Plumora will link the wearers smartphone to the bracelet’s device so they can manage their notifications. When Plumora notifies you, it not only does so with a light vibrate but the center stone will also glow discretely . In addition, you can change the color of that part of the device that glows, making it personalized and allowing you to make a color code based on kind of notification you will be receiving. Other fabulous features are, the device allows users to be connected without constantly being glued to their phones. FashNerd  is all about  #WeWantWireless, so we love that  the Plumora device  features a wireless charging chip, a rechargeable Li-Po battery and a Triaxial Accelerometer that detects one’s personal tap.20141114063045-03_Plumora_Bracelet_Pair_branded_02

Plumora has been created for the Woman About Town, who requires her device to not only be fashionable but to also fit around her lifestyle. Plumora have done this by recognising that different times call for different levels of connectivity, and therefore allowing you to create separate profiles for home, work, travel and other situations, and choose which apps and notifications can send alerts.

Available in either an 18k yellow gold or white gold shade, this high quality product is currently running an  Indiegogo campaign, with a goal of $250,000.  The Melbourne, Australia and California based company has so far raised 5 percent of their goal, $13,685. The campaign ends on the 16th December.

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