Crew Neck Sweater Made of Thermo-Sensitive Yarn

Stone Island has scrutinised and investigated the transformation and enhancement of fibres and fabrics, to come up with their latest collection, Ice Knit.

We discovered something for the boys. It is a crew neck sweater made with double knit construction. What makes it different is the outside of the sweater. It is made of thermo-sensitive yarn that makes it drastically change colour when exposed to cold. The inside is made of pure wool.

Thermo-sensitive Yarn

Latest Project, Thermo-sensitive Yarn

Stone Island is the company behind the crew neck sweater.  Established in 1982 in Ravarino, in the Modena area, by Massimo Osti, Stone island became a brand built on their research into fibres and textiles. Applying their findings to innovative design, the brand is known for scrutinising and investigating the transformation and enhancement of fibres and fabrics. They have discovered new materials and production techniques that have never previously been used in the clothing industry.

“They have discovered new materials and production techniques that have never previously been used in the clothing industry.”

Stone Island’s strength lies in its unique capacity to work on the finished garment, via continuous experimentation with dyes and treatments created in the Sportswear Company’s colour laboratory. A department capable of combining advanced technology, experience and human capacity, that over the years has developed more than 60,000 different dye recipes.

Stone Island Sweater

The brand’s many projects were born from materials conceived by their philosophy. Stone island innovative work has led to jackets constructed in nylon monofilament, deriving from the water filtering technology, – highly reflective or thermo-sensitive fabrics, changing colour with the variation of temperature – featherweight polyester cloth vacuum- coated with a 100% stainless steel film used in aviation technology to protect the on-board computers – non-woven materials, Kevlar® and polyester felt.

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So it is from yellow to orange, emerald to military green, ivory to anthracite, that we urge you to discover their latest collection, Ice Knit.

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