Digitally Savvy Launchmetrics, The Backbone of the Fashion Industry

When one thinks of a fashion technology company, it is not unusual for  a start-up like Cute Circuit to pop to mind, but dig deeper and you will discover a new type of company like Launchmetrics. 

We recently partnered up with Launchmetrics to organise a dinner for the fashion tech movers and shakers of Amsterdam. An intimate affair, handpicked guests, who included Marina Toeters and Aniela Hoitink, enjoyed conversation over miso-glazed cod. Discussing everything under the ever evolving fashion tech space, it was all about embracing ideas and finding solutions to today’s industry problems. We also introduced Launchmetrics. Intrigued, the guests were keen to discuss how Launchmetrics became successful in using technology as a tool to encourage the fashion industry to become more digitally savvy.


Launchmetrics’ core is technology. They have found a way to use it to engage the fashion industry. Embracing the kind of innovations that drive change, Launchmetrics was “built for and by the fashion industry”. They are a new type of company that uses software and data insights to enable brands to accelerate their product launches into the marketplace. With 85% of global Fashion Week shows powered by Launchmetrics, it comes as no surprise that they are the main provider of premier technology to the fashion industry.

The Launchmetrics x FashNerd Private Dinner Attended By Fashion Tech Influencers in Amsterdam on 22nd June 2017

As the fashion technology industry continues to evolve, Launchmetrics is a prime example of technology being used as a tool to assist fashion businesses run seamlessly. As adoption takes hold and change seems inevitable, we predict that how the term fashion tech is defined today, will most likely not be the case tomorrow.

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