Technology Meets its Match in the Anti-Surveillance Coat

We recently attended Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven where we came across the Anti-Surveillance coat by Project KOVR. With the ability to block every in and outgoing signal, we found ourselves intrigued by the technology behind what looked like an everyday coat.


With technology offering us a lot of gadgets and devices, the question of security and privacy can sometimes take a back seat for some people, especially when it comes to wanting something shiny and new. So the idea of a coat that can protect you and your privacy against threats could not have come at a better time.

The duo behind the idea is fashion and performance designer Marcha Schagen from Utrecht and graphic designer Leon Baauw from Rotterdam. With the objective to give an individual the power to prevent the tracing of their everyday tech devices, the anti surveillance coat has the ability to not only shield your bank cards and make your mobile untraceable but it has also been designed with a black pocket at the front of the coat for the device that you will want to remain unblocked so you are still be reachable.


The water repellent unisex coat is made of layers of metalliferous fabrics that play a part in helping keep you and your data safe from radiation. Covering your complete body, the coat has been designed with an oversized hood that completes the ‘covered’ all over look. Another feature worthy of a mention is the special sleeve that comes with the coat. It has been included to provide your cards and/or phone with an extra few layers of protection. The sleeve is optional, and when in use it can be hung in the coat or not.

For the style conscious, the anti-surveillance coat can be worn on top of another coat, which is handy for those who want to rock the layer look. Fashion aside, what makes this tech coat, amazing is that it allows us to roam protected in an environment that is slowly becoming impossible to control not only what information about us is revealed but our general overall privacy.  For Baauw and Schagen, it is our privacy that makes us human.


Knowing such a coat can exist, you can help make sure that Project KOVR’s Anti-Surveillance Coat becomes a reality by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. With the prototype ready for official testing it will not be long before the first batch of this mindblowing coat is ready to be part of your wardrobe. The coat price starts at €475 for the early birds. For those who cannot afford the coat, there is the more affordable option to invest in the anti-surveillance sleeve. Priced at €150, the sleeve will protect your phone and cards being accessed by unwanted parties. Back this project by making your pledge HERE.

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