Science Meets Fashion: A Smart Cancer Fighting Wonder Bra

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

When someone utters the word “Wonder Bra”, it should come as no surprise that thoughts of a heaving bosom come to mind. That being said I am happy to share that scientists are about to change all that by creating a ‘real’ Wonder Bra with temperature-detecting technology that could help detect cancer before it’s too late.


The brain child of a group of scientists at Colombia’s National University, María Jaramillo González and María Camila Cortés Arcila have managed to design a bra that detects irregularities when worn. With the potential to give a little bit of power back to women, the bra is incorporated with tiny infrared sensors that are able to pick up on breast temperature which in turn informs the wearer of the health status of their breasts through colours. So when your bra shines green it means that everything seems normal, when a yellow light appears it could indicate that another test might need to be conducted and lastly should you see a red light, that could mean that it is time to book an appointment for a proper medical examination.

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It all sounds quite simple, which is great because it gives us hope that we just might be able to bring down the breast cancer figures that in the UK alone, currently stand at 55,000 people being diagnosed with breast cancer– that is one person every 10 minutes.  With many charities such as Breast Cancer Care raising awareness of breast cancer, wouldn’t it be great if the next step could be that early detection is made easier and accessible to women all over the globe? Not only will it equip women with an easy way to look after themselves, the chip in the bra will also keep track of recordings that can then be handed to your doctor for further analysis.


On the anti-cancer bra, Maria Camila Cortes, an electrical engineering student at Colombia’s National University who is working on the cancer-detecting bra shared, “When you have cells in your mammary glands that are anomalous, the body needs to send more blood to that specific part of the body, and the temperature of this organ increases.” Maria Jaramillo, a fellow researcher, also added, “We don’t want to replace a doctor’s job, the idea is to develop a technique that will help with [early] detection.”

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Fighting cancer is an ongoing battle, but if technology can help get those numbers down, then how can we not support that? Although there is always the small chance of a false positive, I think that this is the kind of development that could lead to a future where all bras are equipped with life changing technology, imagine that!

With no official name given to this potentially life saving bra, only time will tell whether they will develop it beyond the prototype. We will keep you updated should any official name, price or release date be announced.

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