CES 2016: FashionWare, The Art of Communicating Tech?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

FashionWare is all business when it comes to the art of communicating the fast paced world of fashion technology.  The CES 2016 fashion runway show is now in its 5th season of showcasing innovative fashion tech designers from all over the globe.

Taking a slice of the 20 billion industry, FashionWare presents innovation that lives in products such as accessories, eyewear, clothing and shoes. On the runway, nothing seems to be invincible to technology’s midas touch.

A model walks down the runway at a FashionWare show during CES at the Venetian on Jan. 7, 2016. She is wearing the UI Dress by Ece Ozalp which can connect any wearable and smartphone via bluetooth and show relevant data via el or led light. On her left shoulder is a wearable device called PAO, used to track multiple posture and activity related metrics.
The UI Dress by Ece Ozalp | FashionWare, CES 2016

The FashionWare Runway is produced by Living in Digital Times and at the helm is Project Runway alum, Nick Verreos. The event’s objective is to give designers a platform were they can embrace not only tech components but also show off new manufacturing techniques. This year the quirky show had designers like Sylvia Heisel and Sensoria at the head of the table.

3D printed dress by Sylvia Heisel
3D printed dress by Sylvia Heisel | FashionWare, CES 2016

Sylvia Heisel wowed the crowd with her 3D Printed Dress. Made of NinjaTek, a flexible 3D printing filament, the all-black dress was completely 3D printed from a home printer. On consumer’s being able to own a Sylvia Heisel, she shared, “We can’t mass produce them yet, but anyone who has a printer can print one at home.”

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Sensoria fitness introduced their smart socks on the runway. The sock has been designed to not only monitor your running form but it also give you real-time feedback and coaching whilst you are jogging. Based on your running style, the smart sock is a product created to help assess and prevent poor running styles to prevent injury.

Sensoria, a bio-sensing platform
Sensoria, a bio-sensing platform | FashionWare, CES 2016

I must admit, although the designers have ideas that can blow your mind, I am left wondering whether FashionWare has truly mastered the art of communicating fashion technology to its audience. I believe that for consumers to embrace the developments in FashionTech they need to feel that it can seamlessly be integrated into their everyday life. I am not sure that this is being presented or communicated at FashionWare. Instead the show comes across quite amateur and is unfortunately not managing to put together a worthy FROW. That being said, I do hope that one day the event will have the kind of pull that will not only grab it eye-catching headlines in all the right rags but will also attract bigger brands who can support the up and coming.

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SOURCEImages: FashionWare