Jawbone UPs The Ante With Colors and Designs

Mano ten Napel & Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerd

We decided that we couldn’t hide these babies from you anymore, because we are simply loving how Jawbone UPs the ante with new colors and designs.

For a while now,  Jawbone’s fitness trackers haven’t really been wowing the fashion divas and divos, until now that is.  They are introducing a range of new colors at the Jawbone breakfast we will be attending in London tomorrow morning. Since the news broke we have found ourselves appreciating Jawbone’s effort to appeal to the fashion tribe.



The new upgrade includes a new clasp, designed to prevent the wearable tracker from falling off the wrist too easily. This was unfortunately a frequent problem with the previous design. Besides the superficial, the UP3 includes a feature that will also measure your Passive Heart Rate(PHR). This perk will ensure that the overall interpretations of the data are more accurate.

With tomorrow’s Jawbone breakfast looming, we can’t wait to personally see and try on the new colors ourselves. So be sure to watch this space, because we will be updating you on any additional information as soon as we have it.


UPDATE: Wednesday 9 September 2015

It was an early start today as we made our way into central London. We were happy that our company had been requested at the beautiful Ham Yard hotel to attend the Jawbone breakfast.

Jawbone has shown no fear in embracing the ever evolving world of fashion. It seems that with each new release, Jawbone is introducing us to a more stylish version of the last one, and this time it is no different.


The latest arrival to the Jawbone family was the centre attention at this morning’s breakfast. With the presentation taking place on the hotel rooftop, the wonderfully colourful wrist accessories managed to brighten up the rather dull London backdrop.

When you cast your eye over the the pretty little things, you can see that they have been designed with the style conscious in mind. Available in 3 styles and in a wide range of ‘look at me’ colours, the most stylish one on offer is the Jawbone UP2. The one size fits all wrist band is Bluetooth smart ready, splash proof, has a LED display, accelerometer and a battery life that can last up to 7 days.


For the event itself, Jawbone laid out a beautiful spread of yummy treats, healthy juices, a manicurist and a photo booth. Not to be easily distracted by the wonderful offerings, we soon found ourselves in the company Gwendolyn Smith, the head of international communications for Jawbone. Petite and stylishly dressed, she was a walking advert of how you do not have to be a gym bunny to stylishly adorn a Jawbone. After the introductions, she gave us some background knowledge on the UP2 she was wearing. Designed by Yves Behar, the band has the ability to track steps, distance, intensity, workouts, types of activity, idle time, active time, calories burned, total sleep and sleep quality. With such an extensive list, we wondered whether there was nothing that the UP2 can’t do? Well we quickly found out that there is much more, like it will inform you of your streaks, goals, milestones, averages and trends. Love it.

After some nosing around the other styles, we realised that although it all sounded wonderful, there was one noticeable flaw and that was, the most stylish of the bands on offer did not offer the features available on the more masculine UP3 style. The difference was that the handsome UP3 offers skin temperature sensor, galvanic skin response, heart rate sensor and respiration sensor, which the pretty UP2 does not. To adorn the stylish of the bands, it seems you will have to give up some of the perks, so what would you do?


When it comes to compatibility, the UP2 is friendly with the iPhone 4s, iPad 3rd generation, iPod touch 5th generation and iPad mini. It is also compatible with the Android 4.3.

As we left the plush hotel, we knew that we were sold. Not because it is Jawbone, but because they have managed to deliver a stylish band that is actually comfortable and fashionable. Imagine that?

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