Future Innovators Of Fash Tech


The rapid advance of technology is giving way to a growing number of collaborations between technology companies and fashion designers.Maartje Dijkstra

Big name tech brands are reaching out to fashion designers for of inspiration to take their wearable products to the next level. Matthew Drinkwater, the head of innovation at the London College of Fashion, said: “I think what’s held fashion and technology back to this point is the fact that technology brands have great tech but aren’t great at producing fashionable items.”

Students at the London College of Fashion connected with mobile giant Nokia on a venture that showcased a 3D printed skirt covered in mobile handsets. Whilst the showpiece was never meant for everyday wear, Nokia said the project was about “exploring the possibilities of smart technology and fashion coming together”.

We are entering an era where “Fash Tech” pioneers such as Roberta Lucca, the co-founder of fashion tech 3D printed jewellery start-up Wonderful and Studio XO – the company that helped create Lady Gaga’s famous flying dress, are encouraging schools like London College of Fashion to develop courses that better digitally equip the next generation of designers.

vega-zaishi-wang-alpha-lyrae-2Karinna Nobbs, senior lecturer at LCF, said getting highly-creative students to bring things like coding into their work can be challenging.

“We try and get them to see that stuff as a source of inspiration” she said. “So for instance, a fashion designer might look at the structure of coding, to influence maybe a silhouette or a surface texture design.”

Following Nobbs point, it is clear that the future innovators of fash tech will be better equipped than the current fash tech pioneers of today, so I expect great things from the students who will be shaping the world of Fashion Tech to come.

-Muchaneta K