When Hollywood Goes All FashionTech

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

When it comes to film, my two loves film and FashionTechnology are finally, in my opinion,  saying “how do you do?”

Some might argue that it has been a relationship that has existed for some time now, with iconic sci-fashion movies like “Barbarella,” “Mad Max,” Bladerunner,” “Star Wars” and “The Matrix”, but it is all finally becoming a reality.

When it comes futuristic fashion, I heart the film Tron Legacy.  Christine Clark and Michael Wilkinson, costume designers for the film, created looks that successfully managed to distract me from the delectable Garrett Hedlund- no small feat.


Although there has been other movies after with FashionTech inspired wardrobe, I am still completely taken in by the striking futuristic outfits adorned by the characters. The intricate designs were unofficially inspired by designers of today, Gareth Pugh, Olivier Theyskens and Nicolas Ghesquiere. Wilkinson and Clark embraced their edgy vibe to create 150 super suits which you see on all principals, and about 154 suits for the supporting cast that had a more economical lighting system, more than 60 helmets and about 65 real-world costumes.

Director Joseph Kosinski demanded that the futuristic designs be cut close to the body to ensure that they are action-oriented. Designed digitally in 3-D, they worked with an application called ZBrush to digitally sculpt the suits. This was done by taking the actor’s digital scans, then sculpting on top of the scans using the program.

Quorra’s character, played by Olivia Wilde, adorned my favourite costume. It was very warrior woman of the future, and it told a story of what is to come in terms of technology, and was unafraid to be different as a fashion innovator. The asymmetrical costume also had symmetry in the light design echoing Quorra’s hairdo, which was also asymmetrical.


Another character from Tron Legacy whose futuristic fashions had this FashNerd sitting on the edge of her seat was Zuse, played by Michael Sheen. The fashion forward Ziggy Stardust look was all corset and high-heeled boots. Although futuristic, at times the costumes also felt quite retro. The androgyny look of his character, had a dash of Joel Grey and a sprinkle of Mae West mixed in there too- men of the future I am sure looking forward to GQ telling you the perfect corset for your body shape!

To conclude, partners in crime, fashion and technology, continue to prove to many that the sky is the limit. Soon we will no longer have to imagine our favourite LBD being part wearable, part Alexander McQueen. It will be the kind of dress that will react to our body’s needs. It will be in tune with YOUR wants, desires and needs. Imagine a world of fashion where clothes really do make the woman. It will monitor your health, track activity, motivate you and that is just the beginning.


With the likes of Iris van Herpen and Anouk Wipprecht paving the way, we can sooner rather than later look forward to adorning a wearable dress that will be worthy of my favourite Choos. I also look forward to more Fashion and Technology collabs. I can’t wait fo some of my favourite houses, Burberry, Chanel, Stella MaCartney to tech up their collections.  Lastly, although i feel inspired by the fashions in Tron legacy, I do feel that Kosinski version of fashion’s future being all about skin tight all-in-one outfits, is a look that should only exist in 80’s flick like Weird Science and should not, for the love of Gucci, be part of our future everyday wardrobe.

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