Tory Burch | Frieda Pinto

Photo Credit: Katie Thompson
Frieda Pinto and Tory Burch at met gala 2016

The met gala’s theme this year was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology,” and for Frieda Pinto it all began behind the scenes at the actress’s final fitting of her computerized red carpet dress designed by accessory designer Tory Burch, who is well known for her collaboration with Fitbit.

Burch opted for a more understated affair in the white gown by incorporating colour-changing Swarovski crystal panels arranged across the front in a retro-inspired geometric pattern. The panels, explained the engineer, are wired from the inside, a computer-slash-battery pack hidden inside the hip, and the e-ink display cycles in unison through a series of color patterns from white to deep blue.

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