It’s About ‘Time’ – The New Pebble SmartWatch

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Personally I have never really been that enthusiastic about the look or the design of the Pebble SmartWatch. The watch has always made me feel like it expresses a clear look of being a little computer that belongs on my bicycle to simply use as a bike-computer during my ride. Insiders know this is no coincidence. The founder Eric Migicovsky has always been open about not really having the wrist in mind when they designed the watch initially. The idea of turning it in to a smartwatch was one that simply came along when the design for the bicycle-computer was basically done.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time’s new microphone lets you send voice replies to incoming notifications* or take short voice notes. We used the latest technology to maintain water resistance so you can swim or surf with Pebble Time (we do not, however, recommend talking underwater).

Pebble Time

The new watch, called the ‘Pebble Time’  won’t be released in the way you might expect from Pebble. They are one of the big boys in smart watch land by now having sold over one million smart watches. They decided to start their campaign on Kickstarter, which absolutely broke the record of raising 1 million dollar in 49 minutes. During their campaign you can get yours at the price of $159, but on it’s release into stores it will be priced at $199. In its new jacket the WearableTech device will still have 7 days of battery life and a new timeline interface. With over 6000 different watch faces to choose from they actually might get rid of their MSDos-feel that the original Pebble gave me. I guess I can forget about them giving me a test run now.

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