Ground-Breaking Nanotechnology, The Optimal Solution for Fashion And Textile Companies

This season at #FASHIONTECH Berlin, Frankfurt-based nanotechnology company Acanthurus GmbH introduced their innovative warming textile Nanogy.

Among all the innovation brought to our attention during #FASHIONTECH Berlin, there was one company that stood out for us, Acanthurus GmbH. They were one of the ‘must see’ companies presenting their breakthrough technology.

Acanthurus GmbH Nanogy

Based in Frankfurt, Acanthurus GmbH is a nanotechnology company bringing a different type of warming technology to Europe. Known as Nanogy, the technology was developed by Chinese market leader NOVA©, and Acanthurus GmbH now holds the European market rights for the leading NOVA© and Polynova© technologies. Nanogy is the first generation of non-metallic warming technology solutions. The technology integrates groundbreaking nanotechnology into daily life by turning customer needs into reality. Driven by an ethical, sustainable and high-quality approach, Carsten Wortmann, founder and CEO of Acanthurus GmbH is keen to “make freezing a thing of the past” by integrating the technology into garments with the aim of improving people’s lives. The great thing is, the ultra light, high tech textiles can be integrated into any garment – including your favourite jacket. All you need is a standard power bank to feel the warmth flow through your body, even on the coldest of days.

“Our focus is not just to provide world class technology, but also to improve people’s lives without harming our environment.”

Lightweight and completely non metallic, the great thing is that the technology does not emit any radiation. The non metallic nature of the technology allows it to be washed at any temperature, so there’s no need to worry about accidental spillages, whatever the circumstances. The technology is extremely thin and flexible and, as there is absolutely no metal included, can be scrunched or crumpled without damaging its function. This also means that the technology can be integrated into garments without any visible lines or hems, making it the optimal solution for fashion and textile companies alike.

Acanthurus GmbH Nanogy
Acanthurus GmbH at #FASHIONTECH Berlin 2017

With the ability to measure an energy conversion rate of over 90%, makes Nanogy one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly warming solutions ever developed. The technology is also recyclable, so consumers can dispose of it as they would any other garment. “Our focus is not just to provide world class technology, but also to improve people’s lives without harming our environment. We call this a nanothermal experience, and our current use cases have only covered a fraction of potential opportunities,” says Jeni Odley, Director of Acanthurus GmbH. As expected from any modern tech company, users can even control the temperature of the textile with a mobile app, making the integration of Nanogy a simplified, one touch experience.

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