LOOK FORWARD, Fashioning the Future of Fashion One Innovation At A Time

This year LOOK FORWARD continues to bring people, who are not used to rubbing shoulders, together, creating a hybrid wellspring of opportunity.

We are excited to announce that this year we have been invited to be part in LOOK FORWARD Fashion Tech Festival. Taking place between 28th June and 2nd July 2nd, 2017, the open to all free event brings the merger of fashion and technology to the city of lights, Paris.

Organised by showroomprive.com, LOOK FORWARD is a portal into the future of fashion and retail. Celebrating the emergence of innovations in several economic fields such as retail, health, beauty or textile, it first launched in June 2015 as an incubator for 10 startups. This year LOOK FORWARD, will be presenting 25 creations over 5 days.

Anouk Wipprecht at work

Easily described as a great representation of the Fashion Tech scene, the LOOK FORWARD festival brings together designers and creators who are unafraid to push the boundaries between cutting-edge technologies and avant-garde creations. Nourishing and feeding attendees a diet of fashion, beauty and retail, the event will be taking place at the capital fashion centre, la Gaite Lyrique.

“The LOOK FORWARD festival brings together designers and creators pushing the boundaries between cutting-edge technologies and avant-garde creations.”

Carrying forth its spirit of innovation, this year LOOK FORWARD’s exhibition will be showcasing a fusion of fashion and technology through the works of Anouk Wipprecht, Ying Gao and Nobumichi Asai. Running alongside the exhibition will be Fablab, a workshop that is all about encouraging attendees to experiment and create new technology fused textiles, connected objects or even cutting edge printing techniques.


Bragging a leading edge programme made up of visionaries investigating the future of Fashion, Beauty and Retail, the keynotes, round tables and talks are open-to-all . With no registration required, this year one of the speakers includes FashNerd.com founder Muchaneta Kapfunde. She will be giving a talk on Manufacturing Fashion Tech on 1st July at 3.30pm. If you would like to attend, make sure you read up on: Program | Exhibition | Experts.

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