Google x Ivyrevel Project Coded Couture Acquaints Us With The Data Dress

Here at, we are huge fans of Ivy Revel. So much so that we have featured their clothes a few times on WearableTechStylist. That is why we were tickled pink to find out that they were collaborating with Google to create the Data Dress.

Since their announcement, their news has gained column inches by the minute from various publications. Looking at the visual assets we are not surprised. We also found ourselves drawn to the smart dress and all its diversions. We loved the idea of owning a garment created specifically for us.

Operating by gathering information through the Snapshot API as well as the Awareness API which was introduced at the Google Developer I/O conference last year, the Data Dress collectively gathers details like fitness activities, places visited like restaurants and the weather in the location of the user. It is this information that is then used to design and make your dress unique and tailored to your personal style.

After we got over our initial excitement we noticed that the Data Dress does not have the kind of tech that we have come to expect, like LEDs. Instead of embedded tech, the dress is created by innovative tech. After doing my research, I did have one main concern, and that is privacy. Knowing what I know now, I do not think that I will ever be ready to give up my precious data so easily, even for such a fabulous looking dress.

Security concerns aside, the dress works alongside an app that Google and Ivyrevel are working on together. Named project Coded Couture by the duo, one should take note that the app is currently in Alpha testing. What this means is that it is not yet available, but Google is currently offering anyone the opportunity to potentially take part in future trials and testing of the app. Although there is no guarantee that you will be chosen to participate, we think that it is worth taking a chance, and putting yourself forward. With no release date set, there are whispers that the custom dresses will be priced from $99, and that the app will be released later this year.

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