CES2017: At Last, The Feminine And Dainty Smartwatch Has Arrived!

Meet Kate Spade's smart watch, designed in a way that does not alienate their loyal customer base.

I predict that smart watches designed by fashion labels are going to be all the rage in 2017. With brands like Swarovski, who recently announced plans to enter the market, it looks like fashion might have its stylish eye on grabbing a slice of this rather lucrative market.

CES2017: At Last, The Feminine And Dainty Smartwatch Has Arrived!

This year CES showed off various smart watches that started a wave of tweets from attendees keen to share their favourie finds. Among the wrist tech there was NY brand Kate Spade. Backed by the Fossil Group, Kate Spade has followed in the footsteps of Michael Kors who launched a smartwatch in 2015.


Kate Spade is no stranger to wearable tech. Besides her hybrid smart watch, she has also launched quirky fitness trackers priced 99.00 € and smart bracelets priced 129.00 €. The smartwatch, which starts at 249.00 € (£199) is a metro grand watch that links automatically to the Kate Spade New York connected app. Providing bursts of motivation, the watch keeps you stylishly organized, tracks your steps and sleep. It also helps you set personal goals and alerts you with vibrations. Other features that young Millenials would love, include the ability to control music and take selfies. Our favourite perk is that the Kate Spade smart phone never needs charging!

What we love about the chic and functional watch is that it has been designed to blend in. At a glance no one would ever know it was a smart watch. Feminine and daintier than many smartwatches currently out there, the Kate Spade comes in three designs that do not sacrifice your style. There is the rose gold with black soft leather strap and a black face, the gold with pale pink soft leather strap and the silver model with a grey strap. All about the smallest details, the Kate Spade logo is etched into the buckle and the spade symbol is also present on the middle button.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Kate Spade watch is more basic than the popular Apple Watch. With only one watch face design available, we do appreciate how the small and stylish smart watch was designed in a way that does not alienate their loyal customer base. I think that this is a smart move that many brands should adopt and apply to their brand strategies.

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