Being ‘Born Digital’ Technology Continues to Power Up Fashion Brands in 2017

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2016 was the year that, EVRYTHNG, IoT Smart Products Platform pioneer, switched on their ‘born digital’ campaign. Working together with Avery Dennison, the global leader in apparel and footwear branding, the two companies daringly announced their plans to enable a minimum of 10 billion smart clothes (apparel) and footwear products. Ambitious? Definitely.

Being 'Born Digital' Technology Continues to Power Up Fashion Brands in 2017

As they go about achieving their objectives it seems that their favourite go to fashion brand is the forward thinking Rochambeau. We wrote about their collaboration last October, when they announced the launch of their #BornDigital smart jacket. Manufactured with serialized smart labels, tags and added software capabilities, the jacket was designed to be more intelligent and more interactive. Stitched into the fabric of the physical product, the born digital perks ensured that each limited edition Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR jacket offers the wearer unique digital content and cultural experiences of the VIP variety.

“By focusing on the consumer’s needs and wants they are looking to make the smart phone the remote control of the digital world.”

What they achieved with Rochambeau, is proof of how unique this partnership is and the possibilities it can achieve. One of their strategies is to focus on the consumer’s needs and wants. They are doing this by making your smart phone the remote control of the digital world. What this means is that consumers will be able to use their smart phones to interact with brands digitally.

This was made possible via the Janela™ Smart Products Platform. Powered by EVRYTHNG, the platform enables the apparel and footwear industry to use EVRYTHNG’s digital identity and data management capabilities. Together with Avery Dennison, the platform will enable customers’ products to be digitized at the point of manufacturing.

Rochambeau#BornDigital smart jacket

On their partnership, Mitch R. Butier, Avery Dennison, President and Chief Operating Officer shared, “Avery Dennison is bringing powerful new value to customers through our partnership with EVRYTHNG. We can make apparel and footwear products smarter and enable them to participate in digital applications and services, helping to drive new consumer experiences, protect brands’ value, and provide supply chains with real-time analytics.” Niall Murphy, CEO and Cofounder at EVRYTHNG, adds, “The fact that at least 10 billion Avery Dennison RBIS products will be digitized at the point of manufacture is both a milestone in making the Internet of Things mainstream and a huge enabler for the apparel and footwear industry in particular.”

“With consumers need for total transparency growing by the season, we love the idea of being able to indulge in a more personalized real-time experience with each item of our clothing.”

Promising us more smarter products in 2017, we cannot help but look forward to brands implementing this kind of interactive technology into their products. With consumers need for total transparency growing by the season, we love the idea of being able to indulge in a more personalized real-time experience with each item of our clothing.

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Brand Protection and Transparency

The Evrything x Avery Dennison collaboration is ensuring that we can access data about our product’s materials, manufacturing and distribution. This means that we might finally be able to get to know where our product came from and how it was made, a great benefit in my book. Another great thing is that brands can also reap the benefits. They are given access to real-time data analytics so they can tackle problems like product authentication. Other advantages include better brand protection and increased efficiency in supply chains.

ThinkingCap Powered by #BornDigital

More recently, the partnership brought to our attention the ThinkingCap. Powered by #BornDigital the smart hat works by assembling a combination of curated content partnerships and contextual awareness which helps the hat wearer “experience the world around them in a more clever, mind-expanding and intellectually-stimulating way”. Working with Rochambeau again, the hat contains a smart label with unique NFC and QR tags that triggers information and entertainment experiences on a mobile web app when scanned. With no app download required the experience can be accessed via any smartphone.

Being 'Born Digital' Technology Continues to Power Up Fashion Brands in 2017

Products With Their own Digital Life on the Web

The ThinkingCap is another great example and creative visualization of how apparel products can be #BornDigital with ready-made smart and digital capabilities that brands can activate to give the product its own digital life on the Web. With continued plans to encourage brands to go down the ‘born digital’ route, we are definitely championing this partnership that makes our product more intelligent, more interactive, more characterful and more trackable. We respect the way they are encouraging brands to adopt their disruptive and effective new technology. With plans to to give birth to products with unique digital identities and data profiles in the cloud within the next three years, we find ourselves watching this space and wondering, which big brands in 2017 will be born digital.

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