Artistic Collaboration Sires Rochambeau’s ‘Born Digital’ Connected Jacket

Introducing the limited edition Rochambeau smart jacket with one-of-a-kind digital experiences.

New York based Rochambeau (French for the popular game rock-paper-scissors) has effortlessly given birth to a handsome jacket. Merging their shared passions of art and design, they have creatively sprinkled some technology to their one-of-a-kind creation, the Rochanbeau BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket.


#BornDigital, Rochanbeau’s smart jacket was manufactured with serialized smart labels, tags and added software capabilities which makes the jacket more intelligent and more interactive. Stitched into the fabric of the physical product, the born digital perks ensure that each limited edition Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR jacket offers the wearer unique digital content and cultural experiences of the VIP variety.


Connecting to an intelligent, software brain in the cloud, the smart jacket works with your smartphone via the smart NFC and the individually numbered QR code/tags hidden in the left sleeve. Once connected, the limited edition jacket unlocks exclusive access to the dining, art, clubbing, retail and fashion experiences that are only available with the jacket.

Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper
Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper

The brains behind fashion the innovation are the recently named a CFDA / Vogue Fund Finalist, longtime friends, Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper. Successfully filling a void in the menswear market since 2011, the Rochambeau founders label is their outlet for creative expression and artistic collaboration.


With so much going on in the fashion tech space, we find ourselves appreciating Rochambeau’s air of casual manner and laissez attitude of nonchalance. Having witnessed quite a few fashion brands commitment phobia to the merge up close and personal, we can only hope that Rochambeau’s venture will be more than just a dabble, because they have shown that it is possible to strike the right balance between artistic creativity and edgy innovation.

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