Women Led Millennial StartUps, All About “Fashion, Feminism & Technology”?

“Fashion, Feminism and Technology” (The Observer) are three words that perfectly describe some of the women led millennial start up brands of today.

In my book, a dash of feminism is not a negative thing, in actuality it can be considered a strength, especially when it comes to the Fashion and Technology space. It is refreshing when women show unity through innovation and ideas. By doing so they prove to the next generation that nothing is impossible when it comes to embracing creativity through technology.


For creativity to flourish, it needs progression and commitment to succeed. It is a journey made easier with the help of accelerated programs like the ones held at the NYFTlab. Co-founded by the Partnership Fund for New York City, Springboard Enterprises and major fashion retailers, the company supports women-led companies that have developed innovations at the intersection of fashion, retail, and technology.

With so much more opportunities opening up for women in the male dominated industry of technology, the future dictates that as more women-run fashion tech businesses pop up, they are more likely to help bolster entrepreneurship among other women. On that note, here are 3 women led fashion tech businesses worth keeping your eye on, if you are not doing so already!

THE EVOLUTION BRA– The New Kid on The Block to Inspire You

Designed by women for women, the Evolution bra is the most comfortable, versatile and technologically advanced bra.

Evolution bra

Headed by Joanna Griffiths, they have reinvented the bra, and designed it with the active woman in mind. The bra offers 8, wearable options in one and has been designed to adapt to the rigors of your busiest days by seamlessly transitioning between work, play, and whatever else you’re up to.


When it comes to the technology, Knix Wear uses the latest in performance fabric technology and patented bonded construction that moulds to your unique shape. They have developed two versions of high performing gusset technology. There is the patented, super absorbent, leak-resistant and odor eradicating Fresh Fix Technology, which is perfect for light bladder leaks or for super sweaty workout sessions. Then there is ultrathin FreshFix Air Technology designed to nip odor and moisture in the butt.

Want to learn more? Be sure to pop to Knixwear.com.

RINGLY– The Established Brand to Learn From

UX designer Christina Mercando D’Avignon is the woman behind the wearable tech startup Ringly, a brand built with simplicity in mind.


The New York City-based company is composed of designers and engineers dedicated to blending fashion and technology in meaningful ways. They have built a reputation for producing a line of smart jewelry and accessories that notify the wearer of important calls or messages through vibration and subtle light.


Ringly’s core belief is that technology should be more discreetly integrated into our lives and we do feel that their ethos has been clearly communicated in the beautiful Bluetooth connected rings and bracelets they have designed.

Already own one and want to know how you can style your Ringly, let FashNerd‘s WearableTechStylist show you how its done- Styling Ringly.

EMEL + ARIS- The Start Up That is Showing You How Its Done

Luxury brand EMEL + ARIS  was founded by the stylish Rana Nakhal Solset. The British label designs beautifully tailored ‘Smart’ coats for both men and women.


Created to be a collection of stylish wearable tech, the coats introduce a revolutionary heating technology that uses a lightweight, inert polymer instead of wires and produces FIR (far infrared) heat energy that is absorbed by the skin to heat the muscles and increase blood flow. The benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) therapy have long been recognised and recent research has validated the vast range of medical claims of FIR, including increased blood flow, pain relief and boosted immune system.


Love Emel and Aris? Be sure to support their Campaign by voting HERE. Because in the end it is all about 

With so many women led fashion tech businesses growing to great heights, don’t be shy about letting us know of any game changing business women who inspire you, because I am sure they would be a perfect addition to FashNerd’s WomenInTech write-ups.

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