Top 3 Smart Living Devices We Can’t Wait to Own

It is looking like, that when it comes to furnishing our home with technology that the sky is the limit.

Nowadays the idea of living in a smart home has become more reality and less science fiction. So when we find ourselves getting excited over what kind of convenience the latest gadget can offer we know that we are not alone.

As absolute lifestyle tech geeks, we have picked our latest top 3 favourite concept ideas that should hopefully, fingers crossed, become available in the not too distant future.


Although at design stage at the moment we cannot help but adore the Vimal C’s Ocha concept device. It has the ability to brew your tea just the way you like it, by allowing you to control the exact strength and sweetness. You can control how your tea is made by either using the device’s touchscreen or using your smartphone. How can we not want this must have in our kitchen, it will look after us by ensuring that we get the perfect cup every time

The Vimal C's Ocha
The Vimal C’s Ocha

On every street corner in Paris, there is a Parisian enjoying a crepe with their choice of filling. Having lived in Paris, I have come to appreciate the crepe. It was because of this that I appreciate the Motion H concept. It is a device that allows you to control your crepe’s type, size, thickness, batter, and amount of oil and water. According to its designers, the app-controlled machine has been designed to mimic the handmade process. Currently the first prototype is in the works.

the Motion H
The Motion H

Pleasing to the eye, the Radix Range Hood concept automatically purifies your kitchen. The hood has been designed by Mostafa Arvand and Sepideh Golgoon who have created it to look like a series of tree branches. The hood works by using smart sensors and it can be controlled by a smart phone.

The Radix Range Hood
The Radix Range Hood

As well-known stores like John Lewis get in on the game, we are confident that it will only be a matter of time before the smart home will simply be known as home.

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