Iris Apfel, The Apple of Fashion’s Eye Designing for Wisewear

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

I must admit, I did not see this coming. Iris Apfel, the Apple of fashion’s eye designing for Wisewear? Well, well, well, that is quite a coup for the wearable tech brand.

Iris Apfel with Gerry Wilmink
Iris Apfel with Gerry Wilmink

Anyone familiar with the 94 year old would know that this is a woman who lives and breaths accessories. Celebrated for her sometimes wacky out-there costume jewellery, the fashion power house’s style is quite endearing, and as someone who has a respectable amount of influence in the fashion industry, partnering up with Gerry Wilmink is definitely a feather in the cap of WiseWear.

If the name Gerry Wilmink or the brand WiseWear does not ring a bell, then the question to you my friend is where have you been in the past 12 months? Wilmink was the name whispered throughout 2015, WiseWear even more so. He is the man behind the antenna system that can transmit bluetooth signals through metal. It was this new idea that brought about the WiseWear’s smart sensing technology embedded in the sleek metal jewellery.

WiseWear luxury tech bracelet
WiseWear Jewellery Tech Styled by #WearableTechStylist

The WiseWear Socialite collection, which is available in three styles: the Duchess, the Calder, and the Kingston, can not only track fitness and receive mobile alerts, it can also send a distress signal to emergency contacts should something go wrong.

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Both inconspicuous and beautiful, WiseWear’s idea and design grabbed the attention of the ever astute Iris Apfel. On the partnership Apfel shared “Aside from measuring other things, it does put you in immediate touch if you are at risk. That I think is fantastic, not only for older people but also a lot of young people. And the idea that you’ll be able to do it in a handsome piece of jewelry is great.”

A selection of WiseWear jewellery
A selection of WiseWear jewellery

Apfel also hinted to Fast Fashion that belt buckles and necklaces could be something that WiseWear dips their toe into, but for now as the new face of the brand, the FROW icon will design several new pieces for future WiseWear collections.

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