Chromat x Misfit, Committed to Innovation in FashionTech

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

As I was working on #WearableTechStylist I came across some fabulously edgy accessories courtesy of a collab between Chromat and Misfit. The striking Xena-Warrior-like arm candy has to be seen to be believed. It is high end fashion at its best.

With Chromat’s signature stamp, the accessories are all about function as an augmentation and enhancement of the body. It is a collection designed to respond and adapt to your changing environment.

Chromat Shine Arm Band – $69.00

The main star of the 2 piece collection is the Misfit Shine, a sleep and activity tracking device. It has been successfully incorporated into an arm band and an arm cuff. It is Chromat’s charm that actually makes the Misfit look highly fashionable, by giving the Shine a dash of cool.

Chromat is no stranger to collaborations and Misfit is not the only brand that this label has jumped into bed with. They have also partnered up with tech giant Intel, fashion tech darling Francis Bitoni, architect Juan De Marco, Nitemind and Metalepisis to name a few.

Chromat Shine Arm Cuff – £149.00

Stripping the pieces down to the core, the Chromat Shine Arm Band has been created with black elastic with silicone shine port. Also available in white, you can purchase it now for $69.00. My favourite is the Chromat Shine Arm Cuff. Created with black corset boning, silicone shine port and metal hook closures, this cage arm cuff can be yours for a worthy investment of $149.00.


As Fashion Technology progresses into the mainstream, I look forward seeing more collaborations normalising wearables. I am ready for the merging of fashion and technology to go from being the phenomenon it is today to the everyday consumer fashion of tomorrow. What it comes down to, is that as long as we remain committed to innovation in fashion technology, the world will be our oyster.

Note, the Misfit Shine is not included with the arm band or arm cuff.

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