Withings Styling Down Activité With Activité Steel

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Withings is styling down their analog fitness tracker Activité with the beautiful stainless Activité Steel, which is the third activity tracker that has come out since Activité and Activité Pop.  With the first Activite watch initially announced around June 2014, the consumer electronics company from France seems to really be squeezing everything out of their minimalist design.

Withings Activity Steel

In the fall of 2014, one of the most talked about subjects around it’s release was the Activité price tag. The watch demanded to be on your wrist for no less than $430, which at that time was a bit on the pricy side. For such steep price, the activity tracker measured only the basic metrics like steps, distance, calories and sleep. It was a confident decision by Withings because they believed that the high price would not stop enthusiasts from buying the device because they would wear it in style with it’s classic masculine design like no other smart watch.

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Design aside, the new Activité Steel offers equal functionality as its predecessors. The wristwatch still comes with an 8 months battery life span, has silicone straps instead of the leather band which will make it loose that “French touch” but with the steel housing and chrome hands it will make the watch look and feel a lot more stylish than the Activité Pop. We had a chance to get our hands on the the Activité Pop in London’s Wearable Technology show in March 2015 and weren’t too impressed with the plasticky feel of the less expensive model($150)released earlier this year. So with the Withings Activité Steel it seems that the French company listened to the critics and styled up the Activité Pop. Therefore, they have ended up with a more realistic price point and level of class.

JP MOULET Withings Activite Steel

For now the watch will only be available in black but I guess it is a matter of time before more colors are added to the arsenal. The analog fitness tracker will still cost $170 and is available only online at Withings.

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