The Bold Dipper, Stylishly Tech-nical

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Do you love it when your accessories have the power to make a bold statement? If your answer is yes, then you need not look no further than the Dipper.


Designed by Tinsel, founder Aniyia Williams and her team have been on a mission to transform technology essentials into beautiful fashion accessories. Promising to break the mould, the Dipper has been designed to ensure that no one will know that you’re wearing anything other than a stylish necklace. Why? Because the the Dipper is a double agent. It has been given a fashionable twist and is able to turn from fabulous neck candy to a fully functional headphone. The Dipper was created using top-of-the-line components ensuring that it would have the ability to deliver high-quality sounds.

Designed to last, the Dipper has been built to handle your audio needs all the while keeping your buds and cables safe. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the necklace is available is either plated 24K gold or gunmetal/silver. With insulated cables running through it, the chevron-shaped pendant, formed of lightweight aluminum alloy, is a discrete space that houses your valuable earbuds.


When it came to the tech aesthetics, simplicity was key. We love how the Dipper can seamlessly switch from necklace to earbud mode by just separating the chevrons. To switch back all you have to do is unplug the connector from your device. You can also disconnect the plug from the clasp in back of the necklace and plug it into your phone, tablet or laptop.


Stylishly tech, the Dipper cannot be accused of not taking into account the fashionable aspect of their device. If I was to nitpick, the only downfall is that the statement necklace’s tech capabilities are a tad simplistic. The Dipper lacks the kind of ‘extras’ that are designed to satisfy the tech appetite of those who want more from their device. We do love the idea of more, but we can also appreciate devices that can simply fulfill our everyday tech needs.

The countdown has begun. The Dipper has entered its final inning. Already 96% funded, as of today the necklace has 5 days left of its campaign on Indiegogo. At the moment, minor tweaks are being made by the Tinsel team to their Dipper. We are confident that the outcome will be a handsome piece of jewellery, the perfect #WearableTechStylist muse, so be sure to watch this space.


FUND IT NOW and be first to get the world’s first audio necklace for women at an early bird price of $149 plus shipping.

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